First attempts


Father of Serbian theater

Knjažesko-serbski teatar (Theater of Serbian Principality

Kragujevac (1835-1836)

Leteće diletnatnsko pozorište (Flying Amateur Theater)

First South-Slavic professional theater troupe

Đumruk Theater (Theater at the Custom)

First theater with the venue in Beograd

Jovan St. Popović


Serbian National Theater

Novi Sad (1861-1914)

Performances 'At Deer's Place'

Events Before The National Theater was Founded in Beograd

National Theater

Beograd (1868-1914)

Theater in Europe


Influence of European Theater on Performing Arts in Serbia

At the Turn of the 19th to 20th Century

Stage Directing


Stage Actng


Pera Dobrinović


Theatre Between Two World Wars

Serbia (1918-1941)